Al Atheer Travel and Holidays
helps travellers to easily search, plan and book their trips with a wide selection of vacation packages, tour packages, flights, hotels and car rentals from around the world . Travel wiser is also the home of the largest inventory of  unique tourism experience.
Whether it’s planning a family vacation,
booking for business, or organizing the trip of a lifetime,  unlocks the best possibilities for each individual traveler and each type of trip.  Our investment and development in technology make it possible for us to deliver innovations at a faster pace so planning and booking becomes a more effortless and exciting part of the journey, wherever that leads you.
Our Mission:

Our mission is to make travelling easy, hassle-free and affordable. We seamlessly connect you to the world through:

  • Partnership with 900+ airlines worldwide
  • Flights from and to 185+ countries
  • Connection to 500,000 hotels worldwide
  • Hotels in more than 20,100 cities
  • Largest source of deeply discounted rates
  • Partnered with 18+ car rental brands
  • Car Rentals available to 160+ countries
  • Provides tour package services to handpicked locations in over 50+ countries.

What We Offer

Tickets booking

Comfortable rest

Beautiful sceneries

Modern service

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